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March 4, 2011
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Pokemon Trainer Meme: Jess by gutter-child Pokemon Trainer Meme: Jess by gutter-child
Okay. Shut up. I play my games as myself ALRIGHT.
This is based off my Ruby game that I recently restarted. Possibly my favorite of the pokemon games I've played so far.

So we have Jess, a young lady from Petalburg where dad is gym leader. I always assumed that she and mom moved to Littleroot because Dad wanted her to get a starter and have her own pokemon ADVENTURE TIME.
Or something, I dunno. Speculations my friends.

So her pokemon ARE:

Ulysses, male Aggron:
Though he's pretty clearly the team favorite it doesn't go to his head. He joined the team in Dewford town, caught in Granite Cave, and was a constant facet ever since. He has a relaxed personality, so he gets along well with the whole team and enjoys lounging in the sun and naps. He's a go with the flow kinda guy. But when in battle he is a powerful force, like any of his kind.

Terra, female Flygon:
Like Ulysses, after Terra was caught in the desert she became an invaluable member of the team. Initially Jess did not realize that the little Trapinch would evolve into something so big and powerful, so that was a pleasant surprise. She has a careful nature, but this doesn't keep her from holding back when battling or exploring, she just tends to be the voice of reason when bad ideas come up and don't go away.

Feuer, male Blaziken:
As Jess' starter he was always given a place on the team, they fought hard together before the other permanent members eventually joined. Though Jess may have a bit of favoritism for Ulysses, Feuer has a special place in her heart due to all the time they've spent together and she would never think to replace him. He's actually the biggest jokester of the group; with a quirky nature he manages to kid and have a good time, even despite his ever furrowed brow

Sven, male Walrein:
Sven is a gentle soul and this was evident ever since he popped up in Shoal Cave as a spheal and was caught. He's the biggest snuggle-bug of the team, but since he's grown so big cuddle without crushing his trainer are harder. Still Jess loves her big squishy guy and when he's not being used as a pillow he's her surf raft. Though he may be gentle with his team and trainer this doesn't make him a pushover. He works just as hard as the rest when the time is right.

Wall-e, male Gardevoir:
Named after a movie character, Wall-e is the most despondent and reclusive of the bunch. While the rest are having a good time being silly he prefers to sit alone and watch the clouds go by. At first his lack of interest with the group, even after the initial awkwardness after being caught wore off, worried Jess. But over time it became clear that's just who he was. He still enjoys alone time with Jess from time to time, but overall he likes sticking to himself. However if ever the team needed him, he would not hesitant to come to their aide, since is the second longest standing official member.

Ceilia, female Lanturn:
Ceilia is a happy girl and has been since the day she was caught. She complimented Feuer's joking with a willingness to laugh at even the stupidest of his attempted humor. She's the newest member next to Sven and as they are both water types this has led to a bond between them. So far her full personality hasn't completely shown through. She likes to please so tends to be wishy-washy and mold herself to what she feels will satisfy others. With time Jess hopes to help her gain a more rounded sense of self.

If you read all that you're awesome. :thumbsup:

Jess and her team are currently training for the Elite Four. Wish them luck!

EDIT: Oh yeah the original had smaller boxes. I made them bigger because they were annoying.
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hey, where'd you get the trianer thing base whatever it was? the thing that you put all the info on? i kinda need one hehe
gutter-child Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
I was going to tell you to search "pokemon trainer meme" in the search bar up there on your own, since I couldn't remember the source account thus I had to do that and found it with only a bit of digging, but I'll be nice and give you the link. ;)…
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s'ok mate
ChuMasu Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooo coolness ^^
ladyredvelvet Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
This this this! Is fantastic! And I love the fact that your trainer looks like she can kick some serious ass. XD
gutter-child Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
Well maybe if they're a kid. lol She's actually not as tough as she seems, BUT IT'S SWEET YOU THINK SO. <3 Thanks!
Zebus0 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
Yeah I want you to draw me one of these, and an avatar. Come hang out with me so I can pay you for it.
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